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Naming things needn’t be hard

Find inspiration for naming things – be that HTML classes, CSS properties or JavaScript functions – using these lists of useful words.

Word lists

  1. Action

    Describe the behaviour or operation of things.

  2. Collection

    Describe the containment and grouping of things.

  3. Comparison

    Describe the equivalent likeness between things.

  4. Numeration

    Describe the order, precedence and multiplication of things.

  5. Relation

    Describe the association between two or more things.

  6. 🌳 Nature

    Terms from nature can describe the parts of things.

  7. 🎨 Art

    Terms from art can describe the composition of things.

  8. 🎭 Theatre

    Terms from theatre can describe the state of things.

  9. 🎼 Music

    Terms from musical can describe the pace, volume and arrangement of things.

  10. 🏛️ Architecture

    Terms from architecture can describe the space in and around things.

  11. 👔 Fashion

    Terms from fashion can describe the size of things.

  12. 📰 Publishing

    Terms from publishing can describe digitally published things.